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Melodic Elements is a Champion!

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In 2015, Melodic Elements became a champion, an American Small Business Champion.  A friend of mind, a successful business owner herself, came to me with the championship information and encouraged me to enter.  This friend believed I had something valuable and thought I had a great chance of winning.  I’ll admit I was scared and hesitant.  I was only a few months in from officially starting my business and thought there was no way I could enter such a contest.  There were so many things I still needed to learn and do, however I decided to enter.

To enter, I had to answer the question, “What dream would you be able to achieve if you were to win this Championship?” through a video of 30-60 seconds, or with a photo and written response of no more than 1,500 characters and needed at least 100 votes to be eligible. I decided to submit my business logo and a written response.

Full of self-doubt, I sat down at the computer and starting typing.  I told them my story.  I talked about my passion, my reason for creating Melodic Elements and where I would like the business to go.

The SCORE Foundation and Sam’s Club picked two small businesses from each state to become champions.  A month or so had past and I honestly had not thought about the contest anymore.  One day I received a message from that same friend saying that I had won the championship for the state of Kentucky.  I must have been in shock because I honestly thought she was asking me if I won and my response was simply I don’t think so because I haven’t heard anything.  My friend’s message was screaming at me through the computer screen as she was trying to explain to me once again that I actually won.  I proceeded to go to the website and there listed among the other 101 National Champions was the business name, Melodic Elements.

I think I screamed at this point.  Did I really win?  Is this really happening?  I was overwhelmed and overjoyed at the same time.  As a champion I was gifted with a $1,000 Sam’s Club gift card and SCORE training at the regional Training and Networking Event to help achieve my business dream. I attended a business symposium and celebration in Jacksonville, FL…all expenses paid.  This would be my very first time ever on an airplane and what a wonderful way to experience that very first time.

I met so many wonderful people there, other small business owners.  Some were at the same level with me, some were literally just starting out and others had created a very successful business and had been operating for a while.  I can say I learned something from each and every one there.  I also learned a lot about myself, my motivation, tenacity and strength.

Winning that championship has opened many doors for Melodic Elements and the future is looking bright.  I am proud to say that I AM A CHAMPION!